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NWA Furloughs

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Dec 12, 2001
"NWA informed ALPA today that there will be 51 new furloughs effective March 1st, 2002. The furloughs will start with seniority number 6174 and go down to, and including 6124. The most junior pilot remaining on the property will be number 6123. This will bring the total to 490 pilots on furlough."

News from NWA ALPA. Good luck everyone.
Does this mean the total will be less than 550 planned (down from 850)? This would be good news - let's hope so.
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This is a reduction to the furlough schedule that was projected to result in a total of 550. Hopefully things will turn the other direction soon.

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Actually this is only 1 pilot less than the previously scheduled number at this point in time for the planned total furlough of 550. They didn't say the furlough would stop at the current 490 on furlough. NWA hasn't released anything different from the planned 550; however, rumors have been circulating that there may be a further reduction from 550. So far it is only rumor. Here's to hoping the rumors come true and recalls start soon. Cheers.
Expect 93 furloughs for Jan.31, 60 for Feb. 28, and Mar. 31 expect 50 furloughs. NWA also said they might recall in the 4th quarter of 2002. This is all subject to change!

Here are the projected and actual numbers to date:

Jan 31: 93
Feb 28: 60
Mar 31: 50 to give a total of 550 as 302 were already furloughed

Jan 31: 92
Mar 1: 51 (originally Feb 28)
Mar 31: ???

We've gained 1 from Jan 31 and 9 from Feb 28/Mar 1 projections leaving a total of 10 pilots less than the 550 projection schedule. I have been told that it will stop at 490. We'll see.
NWA confirmed earlier today what was expected. They will stop furloughing at 490. Now let's hope the recalls start soon.

Hey, that's good news. 850 to 550 to 490 in 6 months. If the trend continues they'll be training new hires by September.

Well, one can hope anyway!
Good to hear that numbers regarding furloughes are being reduced. Lets keep the faith and hopefully things will be brighter in the coming months. Good luck to all those effected, and just remember the big picture. You will be back one day!
Talked with Angie today. Nothing really new to report, other then renewed confirmation that anyone "hired" before Sept 11 will have first crack at training when hiring resumes. She did say if you were hired over a year before you start training, they may have you take another sim just to verify you haven't been sitting on your hands since they hired you the first time.

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