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NWA Furlough Reduction

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Finally some good news announced by NWA at the MEC meeting today....Planned furloughs will be cut from 850 to 550. They also said they might start recalls in 4Q 02. There was also the usual caveat that these numbers are still subject to change depending on the economy and demand. At least there is finally some news that is in the right direction! Merry Christmas! :D
Good deal,

It is always nice to hear some positive news, instead of the steady stream of bad news we seem to always read on the message board.

As for UAL, we keep spreading negative news regarding further furloughs. Capt. Steve Forte -VP FLT OPS, has a daily hotline to update employees and it this week it announced this unfortunate news. But, you never know with all the changes that take place, maybe he will be spreading holiday cheer someday. WHO KNOWS!!!!

UAL727 said:

I only hope Steve Forte will get positive and soon. Tired of all the negative.


UAL727, I feel comfortable that Forte is doing his best for the pilots of UAL.
While I've seen more than a couple of potshots at him on the UAL Compuserve board, and Dubo took a shot at him a while back, at least he is trying to get out as much information to us as he can.
He seems like an honest, hardworking management pilot.
At least he's letting those of us who are now near the bottom of the list to start looking for other employment (not that I haven't already done that).
Let's face it. UAL parked a helluva lot of planes at the end of October. We are currently overstaffed on pilots. While there are some programs that will reduce the overall number furloughed, I think that we're still looking at a minimum of two more rounds of 100 pilots per month furloughed.
The only thing that will help at this point is full aircraft with decent yields. Creighton has stated (ORD meeting yesterday) that his first priority is to stop the flow of red ink, market share be **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed. Once UAL's back on more solid footing, we can look at adding capacity. Let's hope those goofy patriotic commercials promoting flying and tourism get more people traveling.
In closing, I think that it's a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**ed good sign that NWA is looking at reducing furloughs. ... tells me that traffic and yields are starting to improve faster than originally anticipated.


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