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NWA flight leaves 43 hours late


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Feb 12, 2005
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A Northwest Airlines flight that was scheduled to leave from Minneapolis for Tokyo on Thursday afternoon is finally on its way -- but its passengers still have one more delay ahead of them.

Northwest spokeswoman Jennifer Bagdade (BAG-dad) says the plane took off at 10:04 this morning. It was originally supposed to leave at 3 p-m Thursday, but mechanical problems and a lack of crew kept it on the ground.

The flight was rescheduled to leave at 8 this morning, but more mechanical problems kept it on the ground until 10. And there will be one more delay on the supposedly nonstop flight. Bagdade says the plane will have to stop in Anchorage for fuel.

Bagdade says Northwest tried to rebook all the passengers on other flights, but only about 100 of them were able to get tickets because other flights were full. The passengers were stuck on the plane for a total of nine hours over a 24-hour period because U-S Customs regulations kept them from returning to the terminal.

Northwest has apologized to the passengers and will pay for two nights worth of food and lodging plans to give them 700 dollars in travel certificates.


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Jul 13, 2003
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Anything for a buck. I wonder where their luggage is going? Anyone know why they needed to refuel--have the winds gotten nasty already or is NWA using the economical 737 for international? Maybe they ran the APU all night trying to keep the pax somewhat comfy (and not mutinous) and their Multi-Serve card was declined the next morning at MSP?