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NWA 40 more

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And the hits just keep on comin'

Great. I wish someone could just give me a swift kick in the crotch to make me feel a little better.
Just for my own knowledge, are any of the people being furloughed covered by furlough protection in your contract?
To add on to NWA Guy's post, the junior guy on the list after the 80 furloughs of Oct and Nov will have been hired in Dec 99. The only good I can find in the announcement is that they are putting a date to some recalls now and we should end 2003 in better shape (total pilots-wise) than we are in now. However all of this could change between now and then for the better or the worse. Hang in there all.
at leaast they are talking about recalls, the others UAL/AMR/DAL are being unfairly tight lipped. They can at least discuss the effects of retirements on current furloughs!
430 still on furlough at the end of 2003......looks like early to mid 2005 before everybody would be back (if the "plan" holds true)......not very good news to me........
Great. I wish someone could just give me a swift kick in the crotch to make me feel a little better.

MsFan, you have encapsulated the scenario. Each one of us should prepare mental contingency plans for more body blows this Christmas season. I, for one, am not taking my cup off until my certified-mail recall notice is on the kitchen counter. (Of course, with my impeccable timing, just as I open the notice, we'll invade Iraq.)

Seems that NWA has taken the conservative route with only fourty more in November, undoubtably taking a SWAG that the Summer of 2003 will contain some semblance of a recovery, whatever that means. However, if they don't see it in their teas leaves come fourth quarter, I think we could expect to see more ballast dropped.

I suggest that we all reverently bow our heads, take a deep breath, and plead with the Almighty Creator that the mandatory retirment age remains sixty.
What in the he11 is going on with NW? Why do they refuse to raise leisure fares to prevent furloughs? It's not like they won't be competitive anymore. Every other airline is dying to make that extra $20 a head.

What's up?
For those asking what is happening at Delta I'll try and give a brief summary.

We only had approx 60 pilots not covered under our no furlough clause because of our signing date of July 2001.

The company claimed force majuer (FM) to use a legal loophole to furlough protected pilots.

Alpa filed a grievance and we got spanked. The Federal Arbitrator stated that because of the precipitous drop in passenger traffic that the company could claim FM, however he retained control of the case to be revisited some time in the future.

Well as of yesterday, July 17th, Alpa re-engaged the company on the FM issue. Our argument is that traffic is back and we can't be furloughed due to economic reasons because of our no furlough clause. We expect the company to not accept this and the case will end up back to the arbitrator.

As of August 1st we will have 835 pilots on furlough, even if we win the case and the company has to recall it will take over a year to get everyone back on property.

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