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NTSB Accident Reports

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
So how long, on average does it take for the NTSB to finalize an accident report. Also, if you don't think their conclusion is correct, can you fight it? I've got one pending, and I'm so looking forward to the final coming out.
It depends on the nature of the accident - as we all know some are more cut 'n dry than others. Expect at least a year or so for the final report to come out though. I don't know if you can fight them; suppose it's possible but would probably require attorneys, paperwork, and LOTS of time. Remember, this is the federal govt. we're talking about, nothing is simple. Can you disclose nature of your "incident"? Good Luck
Depending on the type of accident about 1-3 years. You can't fight it but you can put up some type of petition and they add it to the report. A similiar thing happened with the ATR crash in Roselawn, IN. The NTSB said something like, it crashed do the poor design of the de-ice boots. Whoever makes the a/c put in a "petition" and the NTSB added it. That's what I remember from my accident investigation class. No experience with this situation, sorry.

Good Luck

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