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NROTC Expiriences

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Aug 16, 2004
I'm applying for MECEP and part of the package includes applying to an NROTC affiliated school. My questions are:

1. What are the good and bad things about your schools program? Or even your school.

2. Did your school offer instate tuition to MECEP, or STA-21 students?

3. Any little known financial scholarships, bursaries, grants. etc... open to a MECEP student?

4th and final, Any previous MECEP candidates out there that could offer their two cents?

Any other insight would be greatly appriciated.

I wasn't a MECEP commissionee, I went OCC.

Most schools will offer in state tuition to veterans. Check with the schools you are interested in attending. Go to a good school, don't let the ROTC program be the deciding factor. A commission is a commission in the long run, but your education will make a difference.

You will receive your full pay and allowances as a Sgt while attending school. You can also use your G.I. Bill to cover the costs. Unless you have a large family, those two should be more than sufficient. However you can also apply for federal grants as a veteran (was $2000 a semester when I was in college in early '90s) or any other scholarship program. As for MECEP specific, try GOOGLE. There are scolarships and grants for practically everything.

Talk with some of your officers. Or PM me if you want to talk with me direct. Good Luck!!!
1. Where I went to school, the Marines and Marine Options had their own platoon. We did PT M/W/F mornings at 0545 or 0600, it changed from time to time. PT was not really that hard and you had to do some extra on your own to prep for OCS. We wore uniforms (Charlies) once a week. Drill was on that same day, and the format varied. We went through about 5 different drill schedules while I was there. Some started at 0530, sometimes at 1500, other times 0930 twice a week, it changed often as you can tell. The format for each one varied, too. Some guest speakers, some GMT lectures, some awards formations, etc etc. During football season we did some weekend work related to home football games, usually a few hours on Friday and up to 8 or 10 hours on Saturday. At one point we also had Semper Fidelis society meetings one night during the week but that got changed so we used one of the drill periods.

2. I think most schools do. Call to find out. When I started (2002), some schools actually offered cut rates to active duty students. Shop around and see if you can find any good deals.

3. Once you decide on your school, talk to their financial aid office. We had a student get a scholarship from a local foundation, and it paid for all of his flight training.

4. I put together some thoughts a while back, I'll see if I can find it and PM it to you...

Other questions, fire away. It took me three years to get accepted so I got familiar with the program in that time. Things have changed a little since then but I'll still do what I can to help you out.
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