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Mar 25, 2002
OK, so here I am instructing and building time at 800/80, planning on sending my resume in as soon as I hit 1000. What are my chances of getting interviewed in 3 months? Is there anything I can do to tip the odds in my favor? I'd love to work for Skywest.
To tip the odds in your favor, I'd recommend doing two things. One, keep flying! You're definetly on the right track instructing and building up flight time. Keep in mind that 1,000/100 isn't quite as competative as it was this time a year ago and the competition for jobs it fierce. I'm sure you already know this.

The other thing I'd recommend is networking. Getting a letter of recommendation from someone at each company you apply with will definetly tip the odds in your favor. This seems to be especially important at Skywest.

Good luck!
Yeah, i wish those times were comptetive again, but they're not. My advise piggy backs on AZ Aviator's....network, network, network. If you know people at Skywest, Comair, ACA, ASA, you will be able to get interviewed when you get to the 1400-1500 range with a couple hundred multi. You'll need those letters of recommendation, though.

In a year or two, I expect the mins to come back down, but not for a while.

Keep at it! Keep flying and stay safe.


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