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Noticeable Down Turn

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Well-known member
May 26, 2003
I just got back from Hawker Recurrent. The attendance level change in only one year was shocking. My Initial last June had over 30 in it. One of my buddies did initial two months ago, his only had 12. My recurrent this week only had 5 pilots in it. The normally very busy HBC learning center was very quiet. What is everyone else seeing at the other facilities? Another friend did a 604 initial, and there was 1 crew.
I keep saying, pretty soon there will be hardly anybody who isnt already working that is "Current and Qualified"
Unfortunately true. Because of that, prices are going up as well. We just paid over 20K for a 3 day recurrent. Contract guys are not going to be able to afford that.
It makes NO sense to increase prices! As the supply of pilots wanting to do recurrent decreases the prices should fall too. To increase prices seems like shooting yourself in the foot.

BTW..I found a 3 day recurrent at simcom in the CE-500 for about 5K.
I know, I was trapped though. I had a left over credit at FSI that I would have lost in June, ($13K) plus we require Pro line 21. They also required payment up front this time, which I have not done in 15 years. They dropped that one on me 2 weeks prior to training.
We are doing pretty well. I flew 18 days this month. It was the most i had flown in one month in a couple years. Hopefully this trend will continue and everyone else will increase their flying as well.
Have a good friend that is an instructor at FSI. Said recurrent and initials are down and they are starting to furlough. He also said that FSI raised prices.
Luckily we are in the oil business, and with prices on the rise we are starting to see a return to business and shopping for a new airplane. Hope this keeps up....
frequencies are quiet, nobody flying. I flew Chicago to Houston, thru Chicago, Fort Worth, Houston center airspace and I thought we were the only plane flying.

I mean, come on...

industry sucks, blows, even tho the "economy is recovering"

Pilot Shortage Soon.....

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