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NOT to bad for 2001!


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Nov 25, 2001
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With all the bad press, I thought some actual UAL stats for the thanksgiving weekend where in order. I know this is not going to get guys of furlough anytime soon. But at least it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

``We are very pleased that our customers enjoyed record operational performance and the highest levels of security as they began their holiday travels,'' said Andy Studdert, the company's chief operating officer and executive vice president. ``On Saturday we operated our schedule without any cancellations. Then on Sunday, when our load factor rose to almost 90 percent, we repeated this strong performance operating our full schedule of 1,675 flights without a single cancellation.''

United will report system load factor for November at the conclusion of the month. The company gave the following operational report on the Thanksgiving period:

Day Flights completed Cancels arrivals within 14 minutes
Sunday 18 1,608 7 83%
Monday 19 1,639 10 85%
Tuesday 20 1,639 6 87%
Wednesday 21 1,641 7 86%
Thursday 22 1,328 4 88%
Friday 23 1,183 9 91%
Saturday 24 1,536 0 59%
Sunday 25 1,675 0 70%

For the month of November to date, United has a completion rate of 99.5% and an 82.4% on-time arrival rate.

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