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Not Again!!?!

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You guys asked why no one smelled it in the van. For you domestic types that fly smaller planes the van is just that, a van. On international flights the van can sometimes be as big as a greyhound bus. Catching a wiff of booze may be difficult in such a big ride. Security in London/Heathrow for crews is done in pretty tight quarters and the van is usually not a giant bus. I can't remember Gatwick. Someone on the crew could have caught a wiff here and saved the FO from himself. I don't know if I'd be smelling of booze if I was over the legal limit to fly but still legal to drive...I doubt it. I've also been known to tell the TSA that I was flying to Fargo when I really was flying to Madrid. Those gestapo tub stackers don't need to know everything! Overall, we need to police ourselves better. If we want to be paid and treated like professionals we need to act like one. Good luck to this poor chap.
I wish Delta pilots would take their profession a little more seriously. Very sad. Was booze involved when the Delta guys landed on the taxiway in ATL?
How scary and sad... if he's an alcoholic, it's a disease and hopefully he'll get the help he needs as well as find a new way to be productive in society. if not, he threw his career away for a lil alcohol. (or a lot)

I'd be curious who alerted authorities and why the captain didn't put the kiebash on the whole thing before it got that far. At the very least he could have told the FO to call in sick or he'd call in sick for him and then gotten the FO the help he needed when he was back state-side. Now the poor shmuck is stuck in European courts. Sounds like our double-breasted captain failed as a human being and friend as well.

Thought it happened at Heathrow,

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