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NorthWest region corporate

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Love Boeings
May 25, 2002
Can Anyone point me to good corporate flying in the Northwest (preferrably the Portland, OR area?) I've heard Cosco has a great flight division out of Boeing Field in Seattle. I'm moving up there within the year and would like to start hunting now...

Midwest Aviation (Kiewit Construction) has 2 DA-20's out in Portland. The flight department is headquartered in Omaha, NE but I'm near certain that you will need to "get in good" with the guys in Portland before you'll ever get an interview in Omaha. Last I heard they were hangared with Flightcraft FBO but that was when it was still a one plane deal.
Good Luck!!

Rice :cool:
707 IP

If your total flight time is 3,100 hours, I'm pretty sure you don't meet the minimums (can't recall if they're min is 3500 or 4000).

Prior to sending them a letter you might want to run the spell check (Costco with a "T").

Portland is pretty backed up on pilots right now...but it does change daily. Flightcraft just hired a friend of mine, but I know that my company is pretty full right now.

About 7 months ago I tried like you wouldn't believe to get a gig in Seattle, but it was tough (then again, my times weren't as good as yours). I even had some very good contacts. I sure hope things have changed up there.

I do know of one company hiring in Oregon if you want to sit on standby all day....

Anyway, hope my mumbling makes some sense (my contact lenses are drying up on me...) Best of luck!
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Corporate Gigs in the PDX Area

Lot of operators in the PDX/HIO area, here are a few to give a go at.

Flightcraft - chtr/mgmt
Aero Air - chtr/mgmt
Global Aviation - chtr/mgmt
Premier Jet - chtr/air ambulance
Nike - GIV/GV
Fred Meyer - Astra
Hollywood Video - GII
Bob Lamphere - Westwind I
Rite Aid - Galaxy
Scott Thomason - Lear 35
Louisiana Pacific - Lear 45s
Stimson Lumber - Astra
Soloflex - Falcon 50
Aerovertigo - Falcon 50

There are many more, these are just a few that I can recall quickly, send me a private message if you want more info on any of these in particular. I am originally from this area myself. Good Luck !
Thanks so much for your help. I will send you a message. I'm waiting on a response form Nike right now.

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