North American X-15


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Oct 3, 2017
The Blackbird SR-71, a long-range strategic, reconnaissance aircraft with a Mach 3 speed rating, has now hit the North American X-15 with Mach 6 speed.

X-15A and Blackbird SR-71

US updated May 31, introducing the world's fastest military aircraft in the United States called North American X-15 (North America X-15), short called X-15 , which is twice as fast as the Blackbird SR-71.

According to the American Space Research Agency (NASA), the X-15 is actually one of the first spacecraft to fly out of the Earth's atmosphere, an X-15 speed hit Mach 6 ( equivalent to 7,200 km / h), 107,600 meters or 107 miles (107,6 km) away from the ground.

The X-15A does not take off from the ground, it needs the help of a B-52 bomber before reaching its maximum altitude as well as the supersonic speed. NASA used two of the first B-52s, the NB-52A, to be called "High and Mighty One" after renaming it "Balls 8" to help the X-15A take off.