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North American Airlines

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The Red Barron

Not the Pizza Guy!
Mar 28, 2005
North American Airlines
Hello all
Looking for info on NAA. Anybody out there fly for them? Are they currently hiring? What kind of time and experience are they looking for? What are there schedules like? Is it lots of time away from home? What about pay & QOL, commuting, upgrade time, etc. Just need the basic scoop on them. Thanks in advance for any and all info. (I know from there web site that they fly 75/76, have 8 or 9 of them and 100 + pilots with a base in JKF)
They just hired a bunch of furloughed Trans Meridian pilots and may possibly hire more. There is lots of attrition and more to come. It used to be a great place to work, but that's in the past now. Granted, this is just my point of view, but you won't hear anything different from anyone who is not a newhire.

If you're just looking for a place to keep current or need a stepping stone, this may be an excellent opportunity. If you're looking for a place to hang your hat, look elsewhere. I'm on the EXCO until I leave for CAL in two weeks. It's been fun, but it's definitely time to move on. Since January, when punitive pay cuts were imposed because we unionized, 27 pilots out of 125 have left so far. Some left flying altogether.

New hires can expect to be on the road most of their reserve days. This fluctuates with the time of year, but you can expect trip extensions while you're overseas. There is no contract, so rules change as management feels is necessary. Using legalese, I will say that the company "does not appear" to be negotiating in good faith. A strike ballot was just sent out.

I've been there a little over three years and was just invited to upgrade when CAL called. If you're senior, you can get good QOL. I've averaged 18 to 22 days off.

Great group of employees there. Pm me if you want more details.
I have to agree with ACWild on his post. I love the overseas stuff, and the people are great to fly with. Many, many great layovers. If you want to go all over the world this is one of the places to work for even when your new. Too many for me to list. But I have yet to go to places like China. If you are single it can be great job to have. If you are married I here guys come home with a smile on there face and a nice tan on there body and get questioned on why and how. I mean when you are sitting in Greece chillin on the beach with a cool drink and great sights to look at, while your wife is home with the kids or stuck with an office job she can get just a little pissed. I too am on my way out. Just waiting for a class date. You can PM as well.

ACWild, we should go out for a beer. We only leave about 2 miles apart from eachother. But not this weekend, heading to BAH then a turn to ISB.
Don't do it!!!


apply to World if you really want to be paid to be extremely tired most of the month. World owns North American and pays World pilots a lot more..plus they have retirement. I am one of the 26? who have QUIT...no bitterness here though!

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