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North American Airlines - JFK

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Active member
Dec 15, 2001
Hello....furloughed -9 driver needs some assistance.

Looking for information on North American Airlines, based at New York JFK.

Hiring plans,?? training pay,?? initial assignment aircraft;B-737-800 or B-757??, training contract-bond??, where is training held??, company paid hotels??, per diem??, etc.

Company paid benefits,??? work atomsphere towards employees/flight crews??, pilot association/union or work to the FAR's??

Come on guy's, someone has this information.

Best wishes to all furloughed crews and the slow improvement in the economy.


I found this from DEC 01

Last time someone asked about NA this swas the gist:


I worked for North American before I went to Delta. North American is owned By El Al by 24%. The rest is owned by Dan Mckinnen the former head of the CAB. The 737-800's Primarily feed the El Al jets from MIA, ORD & LAX. Any left over flying available on the 737 is chartered out to sports teams, ect. The 757's fly for Club Med vacations, GWV vacations out of BOS, US military channel flights, white house press corp & sports teams. The operation is primarily 121 supplemental (charter). Its very diverse flying, long days & international flying. Most trips flown with augmented crew. Pays well, great people. I went back after being fuloughed from Delta recently and they took me back right away because I was still technically current on the 757. Unfortunately due to the mid east violence and increased security, traffic is so bad El Al had north american park one of the 737. So, for the first time in there 11 year history they furloughed and I was on the street again. For the forseeable future they will not be hiring either. I hope it answers your question...

North American

Greetings -9 Driver,
The prior info that was posted is on the money. I interviewed there after Midway Filed Chapter 11, and about 3 weeks before 9/11. I messed up the interview. and was'nt hired, but I understand from a friend who left NA about 8 months before, and was furoughed from Polar, was furloughed again from NA after 9/11. Their main cash cow IS El Al.

They usually hire into the 737, unless you're 757 current and they need guys for that. The pay in the 737, I believe was about 45K to start. The only base is JFK. You are always assigned some RESERVE each month, so living near NYC is important.

The indoc is done in house, and the airplane is done in SEA from what I understand.

I hope this helps..G- man
A good friend of mine just got called for an interview with NA but turned down the interview - so I guess they are starting to hire again.

I didn't ask much but I guess they got a new military contract and plan on getting some more 75's and dumping the 73's.

Again, I really don't know the specifics but hope that helps a little.

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