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No VSA at Alaska Airlines!!!

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Well-known member
Jul 19, 2005
Bulletin from our chief pilot:

" Mt Redoubt update.

Contingency Plan

There will be an abundance of VSA available if ash from Mt Redoubt blankets Anchorage or Southeast airports. To volunteer for flights that result from this scenario you will need to sign up for VSA. Note, the VSA request may include specific and quantifiable trip limitations to link the flying with Mt Redoubt.

A second alternative provided in the CBA is for scheduling to use junior availability. From a scheduling viewpoint, this option is less attractive due to the timeliness of the process. Nonetheless, this option does provide an opportunity for some pilots to support the recovery."

All you pilots still on property swear up and down, left and right that you support us furloughees on the street. Well I say prove it.

DON'T TOUCH ANY VSA. Let it sit there and let them sleep in the bed that they made for themselves.
I bet you the greedy VSA geezers don't surf aviation forums such as this one. Besides, you are wasting key strokes on these w************************* because they don't care for the furloughed/downgraded pilots. If you haven't figured it out by now, you are in for a rude awakening.
Now, where's that damn turd of a TA?
So this thread should be titled DON'T VSA. I was actually optimistic for a second there.
All you pilots still on property swear up and down, left and right that you support us furloughees on the street. Well I say prove it.

The vast majority of pilots on property do support you. Most of the guys I fly with say screw the retirees but give the bonus to furloughees. The vast majority of us do consider the furloughed guys. But a couple of you on this forum with your attitude towards those of us still on property is obnoxios. Some of you clump all of us together with the small minority here that vsa. You keep screaming we are all willing to screw you and it will become a self fullfilling prophecy.
I don't see it as attacking the pilot group at all.

Rather he's pointing out that the dirt bags who pick up VSA will lie to your face and claim to support those on the street.

The company has the nerve to furlough guys and then put out memos asking for our help.

You know what gets pilots recalled?

It's when the Chiefs haven't seen their families in a couple of weeks because there is no one else willing to pick up the company's slack and they have to do the flying.

Every leg you fly VSA is a leg that a Chief should be working.
Hey, I can think of 60 guys who would be HAPPY to help them in their staffing problem. But, the genuises on the 2nd floor decided that taking hostages to the contract negotiations was more important than contingency planning for a volcanic eruption that has basicly been predicted by the experts for 5 months.
What do you mean by screw the retirees? I am medically retiring in Sept., why should I get screwed?

Thankfully, we've got one of the few pilot groups out there where guys are actually leaving at 60 or earlier.

I'm not in favor of punishing them for stepping aside. They are doing us a solid that my buddies at other carriers wish their top tier would do. Eating your young works both ways.

I'm holding my breath to read what comes down the pipe. A term like 'signing bonus' allows them a lot of latitude to cut out retirees who lived through the cut and furloughees that are not currently on the payroll. I don't like it. I also don't like the concept that the nine year FO who lost the most gets the same bonus as the lowest FO on property. I like the term RETRO PAY, everyone gets back what they lost.

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