No NWA Furloughs; Recalls On The Horizon


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Jan 21, 2006
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I sure hope this continues for the NWA folks, but I think this may be a "temp help" solution. By the same logic that parked the dc10's, the 9's have got to be replaced sometime and I think the time is ripe. I hope NWA buys a bunch of new 100 seaters for mainline, but why would they? I think that their min buy needs to be 10 100+ seaters to satisfy the scope language, and with the history of this management group, I think you will be getting a min buy. Compass/Pinnacle/Mesaba/Mesa will be duking it out for 76 seat flying and I believe they will be soaking up lots of 100 seat routes. Then watch for mergers and age 60 to come along. I hope for the best.