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No more SWA interviews (for a while)

KC-10 Driver

Well-known member
Feb 24, 2002
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Hello everyone,

I just interviewed with SWA this week, and got some info that I know everyone wants, but no one wants to hear.

According to the interviewers, SWA will stop interviewing after 20 March. This cessation of interviews is estimated (or guesstimated, maybe) to last for maybe 4 or 6 months.

The reasoning is to supposedly get the pool down to a manageable size before they start adding any new folks to it.

Those of us who interviewed this week have been told not to expect a class date until late this year, or maybe even early next year (assuming we are offered a job).

This isn't necessarily terrible news -- it's just that SWA doesn't want so many people in the pool, and will hopefully start interviewing again as the pool gets close to empty.

Keep the faith!

Poland Spring

New member
Mar 20, 2002
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Bummer on the news, not only for those of us who are hoping for an interview, but also for those awaiting a class. Nonetheless, I wish you good luck and hope you get the call that you have been hired. I wonder how much the earnings picture plays in all of this? My guess is that things will not be very good this quarter for SWA. Boy, I hope I am wrong because if SWA is having trouble making money, then we are all in a world of hurt! :rolleyes: Time to sharpen up that JetBlue app! Good luck to all, keep the faith.....

P Spring


Jan 13, 2002
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first quarter

The first quater is always lame, but the real question I'd like the answer to is "how bad did the head office expect it to be?" Without knowing that answer we can only wait and see how they react. Unfortunatly with the rumors of April classes cancelled and no interviews we are running out of straws to grasp.


Coffee Break is over!
Jan 28, 2002
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Bad is only a relitive term

At least we are not lying at the bottom of the WTC waiting to be dug up.

Things could be a lot worse, it is all your perspective.

"You don't know what good is until you've had bad"