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No gun-totin' in the cockpit

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Maybe I just didn't pick up on this, but he didn't seem to talk about the reasons for going against it-what exactly drew him to the decision. I'd like to hear both sides if nothing more than to be in the know.
Osama Smiling

I can hear the collective cheer of a million middle-eastern zealots. Despite the FACT that less than 1% of all domestic flights have an air marshal on board, and the FACT that security screening is still being done by the same generally inept individuals, and the FACT that the government cannot keep track of or control the entry into our country of these twisted sand-------, Mineta et al have determined that pilots do not deserve the right to defend their aircraft from another suicide-style hijacking. Oh well, rest assured that the U.S. Air Force will not miss the next time a commercial airliner squawks 7700. - Sure makes me feel safer knowing that no one might be hit by an errant bullet. Whew!
What about the passengers???

I would like to see what happens the next time someone tries to hijack an airplane. I bet they will kill the sons of b*tches faster than they killed that kid on the SWA flight. It's a fact that a few people without weapons can overpower one person with a gun or other weapon. I bet any would-be hijackers would have to have reconstructive surgery after the passengers get through with said hijackers.

I wouldn't worry so much about hijackers than I would about some dipsh*t blowing himself up in a shopping mall.

Just my $.02
Yes, I don't think the 9/11 scenario could happen again, unless the hijackers gas all of the passengers or something. I'm sure they will fight back, as they have on numerous occasions after the attacks. But, where there's a will, there's a way. I also thought recently about the Egypt air thing. What if one of the pilots goes to the lav, and the other guy is suicidal? I know this is rare, but with these new doors, the other guy will have no way back inside the cockpit if the one in there want's to be alone. I don't know what to do about that one..
S.O.L!! You can't be prepared for everything unless you live in a police state. If you don't want any possibility of terrorist attacks, you must be willing to perform one of two options.
1. Lock everything down and live like in the book 1984.
2. Be willing to commit virtual genocide to get rid of the possible hijackers from said population.

I have a better idea, lets just continue to live in our free society and when someone gives us a slap in the face return it with a bullet in the brain. Sooner or later, those who are "would-be" slappers will learn a lesson or "die".
I just want to get the airplane on the ground before some F-16 blows me out of the sky with everyone on board, including the terrorist. No time for being a John Wayne.
Exactly right TurboS7. Although I'm sure all of us would be well trained and proficient if we were allowed to bring firearms onboard, my biggest problem is that we would have done the hard part for the potential hijacker - gotten the gun onboard in the first place.

Between better cockpit doors, FAM's, and passengers ready to dismember a potential hijacker, we're a lot better off now than last fall. Personally, I think the guns just add another layer of uncertainty and danger to the situation.

I agree with TurboS7,

The pilot's job in that situation is to get the plane on the ground as quickly as possible. Let those outside of the cockpit take care of any "disruptions".
I also agree with HAL about the added threat and his assessment of the level of danger since last fall.

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