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NMB rules NJI/NJA not single carrier.

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Not to worry...

Considering that there is a signed, legally binding LOA regarding the issue, I can assure you that it means absolutely nothing.
Shouldn't mean anything for the pilots since there is already a letter of agreement that states the terms for the integration. The company didn't have to agree to it, but they already have so it will be done for the pilots at least.
Exactly. The pilots will continue to be merged. The f/a's however have some issues.. Doesn't matter too much considering our f/a aircraft are dwindling.
It means nothing with regard to the pilots. That ship sailed the second RTS put pen to paper on the recognition letter. But it means the F/A's will now be able to select the bargaining agent THEY want and negotiate a contract that represents THEIR interests.

The most interesting thing is, it means that if RTS had decided to fight the single carrier five years ago instead of giving in, he would have WON.
I believe this revolves around the union representation issue with the Fa's. NJI FA's want AFA, and argued separate entities, while company said one unit, therefore all FA's should be under IBT Local 284. Looks like NJI FA's won this battle.

Places them in a far better position to negotiate, especially since they lost so much while the pilots were extended CBA protections to some extent. Things like 401K match, health benefits, etc. It wouldn't have mattered in the long run though. NJI FA's outnumber NJA, so a change like NJA pilots did would have ended with the same result.
The nji f/a's have no 401k and have to pay for their health. Good luck trying to get all that back with our current leadership slashing costs. Also should be fun considering the afa could care less about "corporate f/a's". Also it would be their first contract.. also.... bad news for them..
Actually, they get their 401K match back July 1. Along with every other NJ non-bargaining employee.

As to their health care premiums, we'll have to wait and see.

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