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ZERT Wilson CQB User
May 6, 2005

I hear some folks at NJA are calling him "Edward Scissorhands" but I think this guy and his team have us on the right track. Hopefully, his predictions for the fractional industry will prove out sooner rather than later and recalls can start some time next year.
Hope so too.....

If memory serves me correctly, wasn't he on CNBC just a few months ago predicting nothing positive in corporate aviation for atleast a couple more years?

Proves that no matter how many MBA's or how many companies you run, there is no way of really knowing. It;'s all a guessing game..
Good video - he seems like an impressive guy who knows what he is talking about. He talked about "fleet corrections" - what fleet corrections have been made? Will certain aircraft types get weeded out?
A few already have. BBJ- histoire (three years too late); U-Boat- happy trails; next up- not privy to that info.
I think they are getting rid of the falcons, X's, excels, encores, ultras, 400's, 800's, bbj's, gIV and GV's.. The rest of the fleet will suffice.. ;)
I like how he says that "most of our competitors are struggling now", like this is new information and all of NJ problems have been fixed and are behind them but, the industry is lagging behind them. Give me a break.
He was appeasing investors....nothing more....nothing less. Aviation is in the tank. And, fuel prices are rising again. This isn't rocket science.

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