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Nja 560, Help

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That would depend on the day of the week, the owners or Marquis owners trips and other factors.
As for QOL, that depends on seniority if you have 7/7 or the 18 day schedule.
You can't really boil it down the way you can at a 121 airline. Having flown 121, 135 and now NetJets, I much prefer the NetJets over the others hands down.
More time at home, able to plan in advance further out than you can with 121, and variety of trips.
It really depends on what you consider working hard. If 5-6 legs a day is a full day then right now they are the hard working fleet.

Was in recurrent a couple of months ago. We had seven or eight XL bubbas in there. On the last day of recurrent (which leaves a day 1/2 for the 7/7 crowd) two of the XL guys show up in their little sailor suits. They had briefs for that day as soon as class was over. The other five were all called out within an hour of each other later in the day. None were paired together. They shotgunned them all over the country for a half day?!

Anyhow, I have many friends on the fleet and to the man (and ladies) they all love the plane. When other fleets get up to speed, the XL will find its pace.

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