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Nippon Cargo Airlines

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Well-known member
Sep 29, 2008
Hey all,

Can anyone shed some light on life at Nippon Cargo Airlines.

What is the schedule like?

Paid reasonably?

Competitive minimums and how do you apply?


I know it's cliche, but do a search on pprune. I've corresponded with a few guys there on the PARC NCA 747 contract. Apparently, it used to be one of the most highly coveted of the contract jobs till it got handed over to NYK shipping.

Just from what they told me;

Schedules were good till the hand over, not so much anymore.

One contractor paid more, but gave less to retirement. The other, just the opposite. They did upgrade EXPATS, but when signing the contract it's an FO contract ONLY. So nothing is guaranteed in the respect.

One contractor ALWAYS required the 74 type with "command endorsement", the other used to flip flop on the type but has required it for the last few years.

Remember, EVERYTHING is supply and demand.
Thanks dojet!

I'm trying to put together a list of companies that employ expats but allow a stateside base or commute. I'd love to work for Cathay one day but from what I had heard about NCA it sounded like a decent deal too.

Good luck and happy flying.


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