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nice take off

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Thats gonna be a nice Nasa form!!

"Lessee, um....first I failed to do proper fuel planning...then I um...sorta forgot that my wings stick out beside me and didn't make sure the takeoff path was clear."

"O.K. Got that covered, now about the insurance company........You suppose they didn't see me on the news and I can claim an escaped elephant used my 210 as a play toy?" :nuts:

Glad the guy was O.K though!
Captain Monkey Suit said:
Yeah but let's hope he doesn't or can't breed...

What a friggin moron.

Hey, does anyone have a link to the video of the C-152 that landed on the road in Florida, and then tried to take off and flew right into the powerlines?
hahahaha! good thing the guy was unharmed but what a dome ass!!!

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