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Nice and low

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C'est magnifique (in deference to the French jocks in the video)!

Brought out the latent fighter pilot wannabe in me (plus the music made me hungry for vindaloo).
That is one of the coolest videos I have seen.

-"Napoleaon, like anyone can even know that"
You know , I thought those were Indian markings on the wings at the beginning of the video...

As if the music shouldn't have given it away.

Now it all makes sense -- especially my strange craving for vindaloo.
Anyone know the song name and artist?

My daughter found an old Bhangra CD I had somehow acquired on a trip years ago, and now she listens to it all the time. Now, she's heard the song on this video and likes it.

Must remind her also of the Indian restaurant we go to.
By the way, anyone know how to download the video to my computer, rather than just play it from the website?

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