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"Kids these days"-AAflyer
Nov 14, 2004
Hey, all,
Considering a trip to Nicaragua for a week next year. Just started really looking in to things a day or two ago and was curious to see if anyone around here had experience with it. I'm looking at San Juan Del Sur area or south of there (to just North of Costa Rica. )

Anyone got a steer?
I've spent some time in Nicaragua, and it is a great place to visit. I also spent time on an island called Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua as well as just traveling around the country. Nice people and good prices. Lots of European tourists backpacking everywhere, and they have developed a bad reputation among the locals (at least in the places that I went). Sometimes the locals think these Europeans are Americans, and we get a bad rap, but really there aren't many Americans down there compared to other Central American countries. I haven't been as far south as you are going, but I have heard it is beautiful. Have fun.
Hey, thanks for the response. I got to reading some more about Nica. and the US State Department's page on travelling there kind of has me a little scared. Of course, I think that's their job, so I want to research some more. When were you last there? We would have to fly in to Managua and get a ride to where we are going but it sounds a little more treacherous than I might want to expose my parents to. It looks beautiful and the prices are certainly great. Might this be a trip for the more adventurous among us?
We flew into Managua as well, and rented a truck. It was pretty adventerous driving out of Managua (Not a lot of rules). This was a few years ago, not too long after 9-11. Daniel Ortega was making a comeback politically (He's the bad guy from the Iran-Contra days), and he was big buddies with Osama BenLaden. However, after 9-11 the people of Nicaragua pretty much rejected him due to the attack on NY out of sympathy for the US. We were in the middle of bulding up to attack Afghanistan. I was down there during all of this, and most people were so poor that they didn't care. We put our truck on a ferry boat to go out to Ometepe, and the water got very rough. We almost capsized several times. Fo me it was fun, but I stayed on top of the ferry boat outside so if something happened I had an escape route. We didn't run into any real trouble, but my friends who lived down there had some wild stories to tell about the police (probably the ones to watch out for). If you are taking your parents you might want to go to more of a resort type place. I think you'd be fine doing that. The thing that I like about Nicaragua is that you don't see a lot of Americans, and it is somewhat adventerous, but I can see your concern with taking your parents. Costa Rica is also very nice. Best of luck.

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