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News from Jennifer at SWA


SWA Line Swine
Dec 6, 2001
Total Time
To all awaiting SWA,

I talked with Jennifer yesterday trying to track down some of my paperwork and here's the latest class breakdown from her. I know sometimes things are compartmentalized (sp?) but this is from the hiring people;not the training people

2 classes in Jan

1 class in Feb

2 classes in March

2 classes for April

We talked about the rumors and that's just what they are according to her sources. Anyway best of luck treading water.



Betting "Don't" these day
Nov 27, 2001
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I feel your pain.

Consider this, FWIW, the folks in the HR department of ANY company are reluctant to dole out information until it is concrete or the info is authorized by someone "higher up."

A bunch of us ran into this while waiting (or wading, ha ha) in the pool at United in late 2000. I believe the rationale lies in the fact that there are too many legal pitfalls involved in telling someone, "Oh sure, you shoiuld be in by such-and-such a date." There's always the chance you won't make that such-and-such date. Then there's always a chance that some whinning, snivelling, bu++head will run to his lawyer and file some silly a$$ lawsuit over the big mortgage he just signed because he, "was told class was starting on such-and-such a date." (By no means am I saying YOU are this bu++head type, but you get the idea... we all know the type.)

However, I totally agree with you in that ANY information would be great. I am currently working a temp job which will end soon. Do I look for a new job at the end of January, do I take another temp position, or do I hang out and wait? Without some sort of information from the good folks at "WN" it is very difficult to make a wise choice regarding interim employment.

Don't get me wrong, now, I am very happy and excited about starting with WN. I know many of my fellow pilots who don't hany offers on the table. It would just make life easier for me and my family if we could narrow it down to a four week window.

I'd say stay tuned over the next few weeks... we will likely see the picture come into focus. And remember what Dr. Lecter said, "All good things to those who wait. I've waited Clarice, but how long can you and ol' Jackie-Boy wait. Tick-tock-tick-tock." Hmmm, maybe that's not relevant? Oh well.

Send me a private message and we can both cry in our beers.

Best regards,


BTW, didn't a new class start recently?? Could we possibly get some info from those new-hires??