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Newbie going for EJ

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Active member
Jan 10, 2002
Hi guys and gals, I've been reading this forum and decided to register. Guess I'll follow along from time to time. I'm one of those Emery guys that couldn't bring myself to make a commitment to another company until I saw the direction they were going. I received my letter from Derinda yesterday. I called her before I got the letter (which said don't call) and she said she was working on interviews for March. I enjoy the information in this forum and find it helpful. For a little diversion, you might want to drop by my website sometime. Boxhauler's Place

Standing by and holding short....
Welcome. Sorry about Emery, (I'm an ex-Kitty Hawker myself). Good Luck on all your endeavours.

Atleast you'll be flying in daylight. Here's the wierdest thing on flying corporate jets: The FBO people actually like you! They even smile and everything!
And a lot of them are pretty - not the usual people you see in the freight dog business;)
Anyone care to share Derinda's number here on the board?

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