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New USA JET thread over here!!!

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Well-known member
Aug 4, 2005
Just thought I would put that old “Pilot pay restored” thread to rest and break out a new horse to beat on for awhile. It seemed to head in a different direction then it was intended to go.

The company employee satisfaction surveys are due out soon, and also a state of the company meeting from our ever informative COO.

Has anyone got any thoughts on how the company has done in this past year as far as change goes? I know some of you out there do. I suggest a ultimate fight match cage be put up downstairs.
sneek peak..

Here are a few snippets from the H&H meeting with the pilots that may or may not make it into the "State of the Company" address. It would be better if they just put out a prospectus every quarter and saved the hour of productivity. But everyone knows they like graphs and powerpoints with no scales.

-There will be 8 falcons in FY06.. no 6... no 8... no 7 (How many of those little ones do we have?)
-A new DC9 has arrived and the passenger program should be the savior. (pssst.. Hey Brian where is it? Mexico or the US? Did we finally find someone willing to fly it? Is it re-registered yet? Do we have engines for it?)
-Upper Management took a pay cut (in our bonus program) and are suffering like everyone during these tough times.
-The investors still aren't getting paid enough. Everyone should feel lucky and priviledged to have a job.
-Your employee satisfaction surveys will be out soon!

and drum roll.......
-The company made money for FY05 even without the "savings" from the company-wide layoffs and the pay cuts. Maybe they won't say that.
I suggest a ultimate fight match cage be put up downstairs.

Plenty of room to put the octagon down there. Hey we could sell tickets and make money. That could replace renting the dunker for the company picnic.
I'm still waiting for the COO to learn how to sing and dance, because that song he's been singing and that dance step he shows us at his meetings has worn itself out. I think thats a song by Aerosmith "Same old song and dance."
i've said it before, i'll say it again

it bears repeating.

if all you geniuses are so brilliantly gifted as to have all the answers for prosperity in the aviation industry, then you should own your own company and put the rest of us incompetents out of business. please do this!

this way you could make yourself wealthy, employ the rest of us, and pay us the salaries that we so richly deserve. please, the industry is dying for your extraordinary and uncommon leadership, business acumen, and financial wizardry. not only that, you would once and for all put to rest all employee bitching by eliminating all the reasons for their disatisfaction.

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