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New TSA rules to take effect

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"The proposal also would allow ice picks, throwing stars and bows and arrows on flights."

Are you kidding me?
Yeah throwing stars might be back! Finally, I can catch me a girl on the road ;)

Did you read the part that said they *may* be doing this, and are only currently studying the proposal? my guess is they will reallow knives and throwing stars for our ninja friends but still check us pilots.
I don't know about this. Sounds like a bad idea. I mean they only give us airplanes that cost several million dollar to fly with real, live people on board. Sounds like they are going out on a limb here. I may have a pocket knife or something just as dangerous.

I'm going to contact my union rep about this to see if I can get this stopped before they get out of control over there. Next thing you know, common sense may break out, then we'd all be screwed.

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