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New tool to check TFRs

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Nov 17, 2005
We put up a new website just yesterday for anyone to check TFRs before
a flight. Unlike most TFR searches that let you examine an area
around a point, this lets you check along a route. You can put in
TKI-ATL and you'll find that little TFR along the way.
It's free for anyone to use, so go to www.tfrcheck.com and put in a
route. TKI-ATL will give you an example if you need one, or you can
just put in anything that takes you near DC. :) Also, you can bookmark common routes so you can just do a quick check before you flight.
Hope it helps, and feedback is appreciated.
I always use www.tfr.faa.gov I figure, where better to get it than straight from the horse's mouth......
The TFR's are updated every 5 minutes via a feed from Jeppesen - they have an agreement with the FAA to provide this data for purposes such as this map. The data appears to be very good - I've seen TFR's pop up minutes after they have been issued.
garf12 said:
I needed that today, dang DFW FSS lady told me no TFR's today, uhh hello lady Cowboy game! Kinda surprised me when I listened to the ATIS heading into DAL.

There are no sporting events or open air assembly of people TFR's ever listed, and this is from my FSDO. They are not required to, and won't. If you get busted, they will tell you that its your responsibility to check. Another peeve.
Yes - very frustrating. For a while they were keeping the database of nuclear power plants confidential, while at the same time requiring us not to fly near them. Reminded me of that episode of GetSmart where they have a secret conversation so call up the "Dome of Silence" - then nobody could talk to each other.

Anyway, we're actually working on getting some data regarding these events so we can supplement our TFR feed. But most of the stadiums, luckily, are under a class-B shroud. Does anyone know if ATC will route you over a game?

Yesterday when I was comming into dallas regional app. was assigning people the stadium visual approach, and this was durring the middle of the game.

I dont fly in the DFW area to know what that is, I guess it could be another stadium, but kinda sounds dangerous to be assinging a stadium visual durring the middle of the game.

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