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John Hewlett

Jul 14, 2002
Hello folks,

How are you all? My name is John Hewlett, I am a college student from Western Kentucky. I have at this point approx 250 flight hours, and have been flying a little over a year. Right now I am private pilot Single Engine Land, however I have done a little flying in a Cessna 421, however not a whole lot. I hope to get my commcercial liscense very soon. I plan to attend the University of North Dakota for a degree in Aerospace, and I am currently considering going for my ground instructor ratings. I am going to wait and get the CFI, CFII etc, in the part 141 environment. I see this is a fairly active board, thats great.

You folks have a great one.


Glad you're here. Good luck with your training. If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything, you'll get almost instantaneous responses here.
Welcome John! You'll find this board full of useful information, as well as a few disgruntled professionals who keep things interesting.

Best wishes for your career!

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