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New member
Sep 22, 2005
I found this forum a couple of weeks ago, pretty good forum! Just wondering why we mechanics dont post as much as we should? Anywhoo, looking forward to reading more interesting topics. Beers are on me today!
jetmedix said:
Beers are on me today!
Where you at?
Good to have some mx on board here. We have some pilot/A&Ps, but don't hear much from the dedicated mechs. You'll probably hate pilots even more after a few weeks on the board, but welcome anyway.
We're too busy making the pilots look good in our planes to post much. :smash:

Welcome to the ramp jetmedix. :beer:
how do you like your bbq ? did you pft for you a&p ?
how do you feel about g*jets light bulbs ?
jetmedix said:
Beers are on me today!

PM me your cell phone nr. !!! see ya within 24 hours!
Welcome aboard. It is always good to have another wrench bender in the hangar.
DoJetMX said:
I guess I am screwed, I married a pilot....:laugh:

Ahhhh, the good ole metro's in the bad ole days! You still working the sewer tubes or is that just for history sake?

Welcome aboard. I think we don't post as much because we just don't have the time. While it is "sometimes" educational, alot of the posts here (Not the mechanics section) is just B-stuff! The pilots have much more disposable information and I guess the time to post it.

There are some good posts and alot of rumors.

In fact, did you hear that.....................?

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