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New SWA Pool List is out!!

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
The new list is out and even though its dated the 27th the info is good thru the 30th..

Thanks for new list--very helpful. Please add a "No" for my Stop Loss info the next time you update.

Hey Slug or Jesse (is that Jesse D. from PIT?) What's up with Jesse's apparently out of sequence class date? Did anyone at SWA give you any intel as to what methodology they use to determine class dates?

- Shamu4Me
(bds/Troughin' at Laughlin)
I don't think I'd read too much into that "pool date" column. Jesse's had his type for 2 years, and interviewed in July. That would put him pretty much in the same boat with the top 5 or 6 guys on the list I reckon. I don't think the date you receive your "congrats" letter is all that significant. A buddy of mine who went to class in October got his letter about two weeks before I got mine, but he's months ahead of me. Another buddy had his type in March, interviewed in May, got selected by the same board that I did (July), finished his admin stuff in mid-August, and went to school Oct 4. I finished all type and admin requirements 3 weeks after he did, but so far I'm just a "maybe" for April.

In other words, I'll bet the interview and type dates are the "big guns" in the process.
Hey fellow poolies..

I think that as the list gets more info and becomes more well known it will better reflect the true nature of the hiring at SWA..

If i would hazard a guess i would say that there are two groups of people..Those that had the type prior to the interview and those that got their types after the job offer..

The folks lucky enough to have gone out of order seem to have one thing in common..They had their types very early on in the process..

As far as what value any date has and how the list should be set up i can say this..

By looking at the dates you can see a trend developing..As the profile of the people coming thru the hiring system changes so will the trend..

Right now with the first people being hired having types prior to job offers i think you can tell who is getting priority.. The type date appears to be the indicator at this point...But thats about it..

As the pool runs out of those folks then the pool date will become more of a indicator of where you might be..

As the people that have time in type and ratings increases i suspect both the picture and the trend in the pool will change yet again..

The list does have its drawbacks.. but overall i think its a little better than a W.A.G and a whole lot better than the info you can gleen fromThe People Dept..

The all important "date" and Jesse

Jesse and I were sim partners at Higher Power. I gave his info to the list organizers because he is without a computer right now. In my opinion his date is not out of order. Because of a lack of info, Mike didn't know what his letter date was. Although he got the letter in Oct his interview was in July and his type 2+ years ago. I think a more accurate letter date would be the end of July.

From what I know there are two dates that are important; type date and interview date. Your pool date is the later of those two dates. Jesse's would have been the end of July. The day you get the congrats letter has little to do with where you are in the pool. Jesse's congrats letter was delayed due to the 9/11 events. Who knows for sure though?

Happily treading soon,


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