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New SWA Pool List is out!!

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys and gals..

Inhot..You can stop shaking now...

As always..Any corrections/updates can be sent to me via the pool list page address.

Just a few notes..Been up in BWI last few days talking to folks and found out what the "plan" was for BWI..

Looking for a total number of 1000 pilots based there by the end of 2003..In early 03 they will be given control over a new terminal with a total increase of 20 more gates..

In short..They are going to pretty much take over BWI..

See ya in Dallas:D


Hello Mike,

Thanks for the infomation and the hard work in keeping this list updated. :cool:
Who Says I Can't Get No Satisfaction?

Ahhhh, that felt sooooo goooood!

Hey Mike,

Any idea how many pilots SWA currently has in BWI?

...and by the way... thanks for the fix.
Hey MLB,
Thanks again for all the hard work. One question: Since you're starting class this week, does that mean the updates won't be occurring as frequently?
Glad to help out when i can..

As far as the number currently in BWI im not sure..The phrase "nearly double" came up during the conversation but i didnt ask for clarification..Sorry..

As far as the pool list being updated.. Im taking my laptop with me..I should be able to update at the same rate as always...Im hoping that when i get to Dallas i can fill in some of the blank spots on the list..

Depending on what sorta feel i get from the people down there i might even post the list somewhere and ask for all and any past or current poolies to join..

My goal is to have EVERYBODY on the list thats waiting for a class date..

See ya in the bar..

My Class

Hey Mike,

Thanks again for all your hard work. I noticed you added my class date, March 14th, to the list but let me say that it was one of JM's unofficial you be in this class pending the status of stop loss etc. Worst case she said would be the next class which funny as it may be, is my birthday, March 27th. Anyway, I just did not want people to count on it when JM said it was "pretty sure."

Good luck in class!;)
Lets just say that i have faith in you!!


The Feb bid in BWI had 260 FOs. I don't have the Capt. numbers, but it can't be much different than the number of FOs.

Haven't heard the double the BWI manpower yet, but that sure would be nice for all us bottom dwellers.

Got another number for you..

Plans for around 450 FOs at BWI have been made is what ive heard of late..So about double 260 or so would be some where around 450 to 500..So that number wouldnt be too far out..

Man..The things you can get outa somebody with a Whopper and a Coke..


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