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New SWA Pool list format..Oh boy!!

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hello Poolies and others..

Ive just got done uploading the latest list to Mark..Look for it as soon as he can do his thing with it..

As far as the new format..

As a result of all the great input/ideas for the list ive spent most of this weekend working on the changes..

While i dont consider myself to be the sharpest tool in the shed..I have always thought i could figure out most things without tearing something up..Didnt think it would be a big deal!!!

But NOOOOOO...I had to go and try to do something that both God and Microsoft never intended man to attempt...

So here i sit in front of all these Giga bites,Processors,Idiots Guides to everything,Help Screens,formats,cell fixer uppers,latest business software plus upgrades,ect ect ect..

I figure that all it would be was a button or two..Click..click..Slam dunk..YeeHaa!!...Arrrggghhh!!!..Wrongo!!

Started off in Word as a doc..

Made all the changes/corrections..

Converted it to an Excel file so that i could sort thru the dates..

Excel didnt like the format of the Word doc so i had to change its format so that Excel would take it so as to be able to sort out the dates..

About this time the dog plus family have left the house in order to avoid what is soon to happen to Daddy..

I finally get Excel to sort out all the dates and arrange the pool list in the desired order..Yehhhaaa!.."In like Flint" I says to myself..
Glass of red wine for my efforts..!!

Yep..You are im sure laughing at this knowing D#$% well im not gonna get off that easy!!!

Went to convert it to a HTML file in order to upload it to the board..I have no idea what it did but i couldnt fix it..No way ..no how!!!

Kids and S.O. call from the Mall to see how its going..They figure its still safer to be at the Mall for awhile ....

Finally..I get the Excel file sorted out and have figured out that the safest way to convert it to a HTML file is to do it in Word..

So..I convert it back to Word and its starting to look a little brighter in the tunnel..

I set it up for HTML and close my eyes..cross a few fingers..a gulp of red wine for false courage..And push the button..

What it did to my Word file can only be described as an act against God and nature..

Would sombody please check Bill Gates for some upside down 9s under his upper lip!!!..Arrggghhh!!

I finally got it all straight buy using the old fashioned way of cut,paste,and copy..

So..For those of you that may find a mistake or two..Feel free to e-mail the changes/corrections to me via the Pool list address..

As for those of you that have wanted to know if i was looking for someone to take over the list...NO!!!

Cant you see im having too much fun here to give the D@#$ thing up?

If you see my family running around the Mall..You can tell them that Daddy is better now and to please bring home a nice red..


Mr Hampton..

I would like to remind you that I AM the old fart here..That makes me senior to you..SO..

My bag is the black one with the wheels on the bottom..I will see you in the van..

Oh..Dont forget to tip the van driver..I cant seem to find a "one"..

Anybody seen my dog?


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