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Tommy Boy

Well-known member
Feb 25, 2005
TAG is buying Flight Options.

any takers......
Would not surprise me one bit. We run like a big charter company now anyway. Getting more and more people on the JetPass card. That is nothing but a charter anyway. We get told by dispatch "it's only a JetPass customer" when we bring up stuff that is watch listed or MEL'd in the cabin. So that shows how much they care about our customers.

The company that owns TAG...also owns part of Citation Shares.
Would that "present" be Bob Tyler? If so, its arrived.
Bingo! Now for the rest of your story, why do you believe it to be a possibility. Just not likely from my vantage point.
Word around the campfire was "The Present" was coming here to prepare.....but Ive been hearing buy-out rumors for 5yrs, only one of them came true.

Whats the scoop on him? Good for us or bad? TAG pilots definately get paid and treated better than us....they just haven't hired me yet.
TAG is a great organization in my book. Don't know Bob Tyler real well but I was always treated with respect and he did me a few favors from time to time, that I will always greatful for. I think you have a pretty good man. What happend to his predessor?

As far as TAG and FltOps? I don't think it is logical. TAG does own 25% of CS and that is down from the original 49%. Since CS, Flt Ops and NJ are all in the red to some degree, one would wonder why TAG would want to increase it's exposure to a business model that has yet to perform to the satndards originally concieved. The underlying owners of TAG are not fools. They invest wisely and in spite of that have gotten burned more than once. I just don't see your scenorio plying out. None the less, I wish you the best of luck!
I don't think it will either, just was curious if someone else had heard it. Raytheon has made it clear that they want to get rid of us and that lends at least and eyebrow raise to any rumors.

Other guy was fedup with the company, ie management, and stepped down to just fly the line again.

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