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New rule comming out?

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Jun 8, 2002
This is for all of you that for some reason or another had been flying for a U.S. Carrier, or charter operation and were furloghed or laid off and cannot get a job now because you have a "green card" and because of the lay off could not keep currency on an A/C that weighs more than 12500#s and therefore are no longer eligible for training even if offered a job back at your "old"company.
You could not get a new job flying an A/C that weighs more than 12500#s because your currency has lapsed and no longer fall into one of those four categories that the DOJ put out a couple of months ago.
You can e-mail the Department of Justice and let them know about your situation and they will read your comments at [email protected].
I think they are "working" on a new rule now, so I believe our comments are very important.

Good luck!!
Say Again????

I don't understand...what rule??????????? If you were furloghed, leave of absence, etc. and you go back, you go through a quick abbreviated training cycle and back to the line....what's new?
The law is still not very clear though. So what does it mean for a green card holder who is CFIing like everybody else, and never flew anything heavier than 12,500 lbs?

new rule?


That means that according to the new rule that the DOJ has, you are stuck. There is nothing you can do right now but wait. The one thing that I can suggest you do is call the DOJ at (703) 414-9535 and ask to talk to Grace Mastalli, she is the Deputy Director and let her know your situation. If someone called right now offering you a job to fly an A/C that weighs more than 12500#s you cannot get training for it, so you do not even get a chance at it.
I would suggest calling her and hopefully that will let them know that there are a lot of us out there that have been put in a real bad spot, although I have heard that they made some exceptions.
You might want to try to contact your Congress Representative and see if he/she can help you.
Good luck!

All commercial pilots operating aircraft over 12,500 are going to have to have background checks done. At the top of the list are aliens. They are being treated as a high risk group. There is some background to justifiy this.

FSI and Simuflite are screaming bloody murder. Very good customers of many years are being denied training without a background check.

The problems lies where the airline cannot deny employment, and is then stuck being unable to train the new employee... I think ACA has hired some and told them that they will be issued a class date whenever the situation clears up.

As far as lawyers go, if you want to try something, you can always get an immigration lawyer and try to sue the federal govewrnment.. Good luck though!! Personally I chose to just continue flight instructing and building hours; at some point the paranoia will end and descent rules will come out.


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