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New Poolie List is out..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys and gals..

The latest pool list is out..As always thanks to everyone that sent in the info..:D

Someone recently stated that i had a firm grip on the pool list in such a way that it sounded like something unfair was happening....They also stated that several people had offered to take over the list after i went to LUV..

The list was started by me as a result of several people suggesting the idea but no one offering to do it..I thought it would be a way to return something to the site and the poolie group that had shown so much support during the hiring process..

I have no reasons other than these for doing the list and will continue to do the list until its no longer of value to the group..

To date, only one person has made an offer to take over the pool..Im not sure why anyone would state otherwise..

For those of you that may be concerned about how often the list is or will be updated let me say this..The list will be updated as needed and generally this has happened about once a week..

The information comes to me in assorted clumps and is very often incomplete..Im constantly getting info without callsign/handle/member names and as a result there will be times that you may not see your info posted..I cant post what i cant figure out
..So..If you send me a post, please be sure to include your handle/callsign/member name so i know whos it is..The list is managed by your handle/callsign/member name only and not your e-mail address or AOL/MSN handle..

If at any time im not able to keep up with the list i will gladly turn it over to someone else..

But..I see no reason to give it up due to a few people that have too much time on their hands and cant find anything better to bitch about..

Be well yall..


I guess I am someone. Yes, I have too much time on my hands, and apparently I am using that time and my so-called sense of humor to bite myself in the empennage.
Please accept my apology, it was not my intention to bitch. I was trying to be funny. I would never intentionally malign someone who has donated so much of his time and energy into creating something that has been of great benefit to all of the poolies. The only thing unfair about you maintaining control of the list is the drain that I am sure it is on your time.
I've thanked you for doing the list before and I'd like to thank you again. None of us could do it better and if you ever need any kind of help with it, please, just ask.

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