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New NWA Furloughs

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Jul 25, 2002
70 for Nov 1
150 Jan 1, 2006 and
Approx 180 more in early quarter 2006
a total of 400 more in addition to the 500 or so.
That is the latest from ALPA.
Duane is still getting his $500,000 a year from ALPA no matter what.

What does he care?
I got a call from one of our former pilots today, he got his notice this morning that he will be unemployed by NWA on 11-01-05. Great guy I hope we can find a place for him.
Jeez, aren't these Nov 1st guys the same ones who got recalled about 6-8 months ago? Talk about getting yanked around!

Good luck to all my NWA friends - hang in there!

Edit: To clarify that I never flew for NWA.
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Yes the guys that called back in April (and before that) for training will be furloughed again. They may have just left a decent job before returning to NWA. Sucks for all.
Given that NW was in big trouble last spring as well, I would be surprised if a NW pilot accepted recall and left a good job to take a chance with NW again. I think I'd have deferred and took a wait and see.

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