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New Midwest Vacancy Notice Is Out...

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2005
41 more furloughs resulting in.....89 people left on property.

Most junior CA will be a 1988 hire, most junior on property will be a 1991 hire.

Guess integration with the Republic list won't matter too much with the numbers dwindling so fast.

My two cents....A 3 to 1 integration for the entire Midwest list, furloughed or not, with a huge fence. Let Midwest pilots keep Midwest flying. Most will stayed furloughed with this arrangement, so there should be an option to go around the fence (once all Republic furloughs are called back) and fly on the other side with bottom seniority.
~17 years of service and out of a job. Last time I heard about numbers that ridiculous was when a USAir jumpseater years ago had said they furloughed up to 15 years seniority.
Don't worry....the Republic pilot's will stand up for the Midwest pilots and do what's right. :rolleyes: :puke:

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