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New Medical Question

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Jun 10, 2002
I'm getting ready to start my flight training, and because I'm going through a structured program, PPL --> CFII, full-time training, which means I'm borrowing a ton, the school recommended that I get my medical before borrowing all of the money. (Sounds logical to me.)

Anyway, my appointment is for tommorrow afternoon, but I went to the doctor on Saturday for a sore throat. Turns out I had strept, and he put me on Amoxicillin. Is taking the Amoxicillin going to have any effect on my appointment with the AME? Should I reschedule, or is it no big deal?

Thanks for your input...
According to a physician I spoke with, antibiotics are not typically seen in screening. Just make certain that you bring your prescription bottle, and show it to the AME.

Since you will be paying BIG TIME for this meal, I'd make certain that I can finish it. Get a First Class exam, with EKG. If you have an unknown cardiac electrical problem, now it the time to find it.

Good luck.

Depends on how you feel, but, otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. I had some kind of URI the first time I renewed my medical. No problem; in fact, the AME was a real sport and wrote me a scrip for antibiotics.

I remember that nearly ten years ago I was ill. I went for my medical, got it and then went to my PCP for my illness.

I agree with Timebuilder about getting a complete workup to ensure you won't be throwing away money on a program you cannot finish or would be of limited value because you can't qualify for a First. You need a First Class Medical to amount to something in this business.
Thanks to both of you for your input. I had my appointment today and walked out with a First Class Medical and Student Pilot Certificate. Money should be on my account on Thursday and then I'll be on my way to training for a low-paying job! Thanks!

Aviation employment

You got it, my friend. Indeed, "low-paying job." It's soooooo true. :rolleyes:

Enjoy yourself. Learning to fly is one of the best parts of the flying career. Lots of luck with your training.

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