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New Lightspeed....popcorn?

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Well-known member
Dec 25, 2004
I ended up sending my Denali II back, as it leaked a LOT of wind noise when I turned my head; I ordered instead a Lightspeed 30 3G. While trying it out in a light piston single yesterday, I discovered a few things: After rotation on takeoff, it sounded like when popcorn in a bag first starts popping: a few LOUD pops here, a few all together, you get the idea. I took my sunglasses off, and this helped, but it was still there. Then, while at idle power on final, I found that it somehow produces some serious bass resonation. It's hard to describe, kind of like being inside a subwoofer making a constant low bass tone.

Is this normal? The headset is awesome in all other times of flight, so I might keep it yet, but I want to find out if this is something wrong with the headset, or if it's normal.

I had that on an earlier series Lightspeed. Call the company. My experience was that they dealt with problems very quickly.
Interesting. Guess I'll give the tree a shake and see what falls out.... :D
Lightspeed sometimes will give you the 20 series earpieces so you get a better seal. If it's hot outside you are already sweating so it seal up nicely. Also I found that when flying "open air" airplanes like a Cub or Ercoupe the feedback sometimes is loud depending on your throttle setting. The headset is sampling the open air around you, reversing it's phase and squirting that back into the headset. So a good seal is necessary. It's like placing a hot mike TOO close to a stage monitor. Bad juju . . . .

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