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Well-known member
May 20, 2005
Just posted, Open to outside... See Below! RJ Experience a Plus!

PSA Airlines, Inc.
Interoffice Correspondence

TO: All Employees
FR: Rachel Hernandez, Employment Coordinator
DT: November 10, 2005
RE: Open Position
Requisition #: 3858
Fleet Manager
Reports To:Director of Operations
The Fleet Manager position and some of the responsibilities will transfer from the Training Department to the Flight Operations Department. The Fleet Manager will report directly to the Director of Operations, and will remain as the Technical Expert on both the CRJ 200 and 700 aircraft. He/she will be responsible for maintaining the FOM, the POH and the QRH manuals for both aircraft. The Fleet Manager will also represent the company on aircraft operational issues with the FAA, the aircraft manufacturer, vendors, the RAA and other organizations as assigned.
The purpose of this change is to allow the Fleet Manager more time to focus on the daily operational needs of the company by removing the demands of the Training responsibilities. This will allow him/her the time to develop and enhance manuals and improve our standard operational practices and procedures.
General position summary:
  1. The Fleet Manager reports to the Director of Operations and is based in Dayton, OH.
  2. The Fleet Manager will maintain the highest technical knowledge of the CRJ aircraft and be the company resource for operational issues on the aircraft.
  3. The Fleet Manager is responsible for maintaining and updating the POH, FOM, QRH, and other operations manuals as assigned. He will work with all other departments to insure that manual changes are coordinated with all other company manuals. The Fleet Manager will ensure that company aircraft are operated in a safe and efficient manor by amending and improving company operating procedures and manuals accordingly.
  4. The Fleet Manager interfaces with the FAA on Manual and Standardization issues.
  5. The Fleet Manager will represent the company on aircraft technical issues with the aircraft manufacturer.
  6. Interface with Aircraft Manufacturer and other aircraft operator through steering committees, RAA, user conferences, etc…
Key outputs/deliverables:
A weekly report detailing:
a) All operational issues on the CRJ aircraft.
b) Manual revision status
c) Any mandatory or recommended changes to aircraft operating procedures.
Tasks/Duties to Achieve These Outputs:
Responsible for:
  1. Assignment of personnel to evaluate procedural and manual changes prior to implementation.
  2. Maintain POH, MEL, QRH, and FOM.
  3. Coordinate with the training department to insure that appropriate changes are implemented when procedures are modified.
Technical skills and/or specialized knowledge required:
  1. Holder of US ATP with over 3000 hrs fixed-wing, multi-engine/crew flight time and qualified on CL65.
  2. Knowledge of FAR’s regulating 121 supplemental, domestic and flag operations
  3. Minimum of 1yr experience in manual writing and creation
  4. Basic computer skills, to include knowledge of Microsoft Office suite
  5. Superior knowledge of aircraft systems and line operations of aircraft
Related experience desired:
  1. Experienced working in a fast-paced dynamic organization
  2. Experienced working with, or in, an airline environment
  3. Experience working with Adobe Framemaker.
Required education, licensing, or certification:
  • Held or holds a valid FAA ATP license
Environmental features or limitations of the position:
  • Ability and willingness to travel
[email protected] or fax to 937.264.3910

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