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New JetBlue MFWIC

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Tried to make a funny and throw some chaff towards Eagleflip in a previous post.....then got the PM listed below:

Pardon the ignorance but when you say he (eagleflip) will be taking over soon, what do you mean? Is he someone important at JB?



To answer the question--Eagleflip is just another opinionated, hard-craniumed, live to fly former eagle driver. So...I of course think he's very important. His "bid for power" at JetBlue has just begun, and I suspect he'll be the chief of pilot recruitment within 3 years.

Just my take,


I thought you and Eagleflip were buds?!?! If so, why would you wish this on him. Have you really seen the job Dean and his gang do? NO THANK YOU! Way too much work for me.

I'll be convinced you really have it out for him if you keep mentioning him and the C.P.'s office. I mean really, have you ever seen an asst. C.P. that was happyat any company? It's all the work we as pilots try to avoid while not getting any of the stick time we all crave.

Really, you should wish better things for your friends.:D :D :D



I concur.

As a matter of fact I think I saw him trying on Captains Jackets in the pilot lounge today... something about there aren't enough stripes or ... no wait... he wanted to put gold and red stars on the left sleeve.... then he rushed off to buy a new car... Porsche I think... he was moving too fast for me to catch him....
Oh yeah...right...

You guys slay me....

First, I'm still trying to figure out how to do a preflight on this Airbus without getting fuel or blue water on my jacket. I've hit my head on the gear doors, then tripped over the dang orange cone they set out back around the tail of the jet. I can only imagine the confidence that built in the 162 innocents watching from inside the terminal.

Hiring department? My hat's off to Dean Melonas and the other hiring dudes/dudettes at JB...they work WAY hard to get the job done.

I, however, retain the "Red Eye King" title. You Purple guys have absolutely no lock on those night flights!

Interestingly, though, I received a PM from a source that shall remain anonymous telling me to stop acting like a gauche fighter pilot and bragging about kicking Albie's butt in BFM. My slow-witted retort? Hey, I'm retired, done for, finished in the world of Eagle driving, chick slaying (ok, never was in that game anyway), and general hot shot living. Now I live vicariously through Albie's infrequent but productive Eagle missions. Albie--study hard and don't forget the golden rule: ALWAYS go auto guns in the turn.

As for my new life...If dealing with an ocassional grumpy passenger is the worst thing I have to deal with, it's a good day!

Live large, all!

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