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New hires, FedEx, and Subic Bay?

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I have people skills!
Jan 15, 2003
I'm curious about the status of FedEX's Subic Bay base these days. I actually want to go there.

I assume we'll all be starting as FE's in the 727 or the 10, and that I'll have to wait for a bid to come out. Any idea on the length of time that process takes? Or is it impossible to even guess at something like this?

Subic seems to be offered periodically to new hires. They don't force anyone to go if they don't get any volunteers, but it is sometimes offered. If you are interested, I would tell your contact prior to class, or on day 1.


Did you get the job at FedEx? Didn't think they would hire from the Legacy carriers. Just curious.
Not sure if they are still offerring it to the New Hire classes, but you will probably be able to bid it in the very first bid that you're eligible for. ANC also went junior in the last bid. So if LBFM's are your thing, you're golden.
If you're starting class in Dec or Jan you'll be in time for the next rumored big ole bid in Jan/Feb timeframe. Training throughput on the MD-11 is going from 16 to 24 crews/month in January so this could be another good sized bid. Like the other guys said, you'll most likely be able to hold Subic on that bid if they don't offer it to your class in BI. Keep in mind that Subic is closing as a base/hub in a couple of years. The new Asia hub will be in China and whether it will be a pilot base and with what airplanes is still a big mystery...

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