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Nov 27, 2001
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I'm trying to get a better "feel" for a time frame in which I might start to get paid for flying. I'm about to become a CFI but my flight school hasn't hired anyone in 6 months since CFI's aren't going anywhere. (No surprise, huh).

Obviously, aviation is recovering and things are 'picking up' but I'm hoping to get some indications more specific to guys/gals in my shoes. Any objective/unbiased answers to ANY of the following questions will help:

-To what degree of difficulty do you estimate in finding a CFI job?
-How many furloughed pilots currently remain out of work?
-In YOUR estimation, how much total/multi time do you think is necessary to have a "50/50" shot at your AVERAGE regional or part 135 job.

Your input and judgement is valued and appreciated!



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Jan 30, 2002
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There are CFI jobs out there.... it just depends on if you want to move to a new job or not. If there are flying clubs in your area, you could try free lancing. Probably not as much flying, but you keep all of the money. You can also volunteer with the wings program, it'll get you a bit of flight time and maybe even a tip or two.

As far as getting on with a regional, just fly as much as you can and network, network, network. In my opinion, having the minimum times and a recomendation or two is better than having double the mins. Out of the 5 interviews that I've had 4 were with a recomendation.

Good luck, it'll happen sooner than you think.