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Jun 1, 2005
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B737 Type Rating: Zero Dollars

DEN Domicile: Zero Dollars

Job at Great Airline: Zero Dollars

The Look on Your Face When You Realize FAPA Pissed it All Away: Priceless

General Lee

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Aug 24, 2002
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A lot
Wait, you forgot:

The look on Gary Kelly's face when he realized that he just let a competitor become bigger, lost gates in ATL, lost slots in DCA and LGA, and not knowing what to do with a bunch of new 737s coming his way:

Like he has a log in his shorts.

But, he also doesn't have to accept a more expensive TA with SWAPA, which makes it PRICELESS.

Good try guys---trying to make people think you cared about the F9 pilots, when in reality you just wanted your TA faster. Had you just given a bit of credit to those guys, and not given a staple only, you might have HAD IT ALL. It's not meant to be I guess.....

Bye Bye--General Lee


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Nov 30, 2001
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Good try guys---trying to make people think you cared about the F9 pilots, when in reality you just wanted your TA faster
I know you're just trolling, but I can't resist.

Our TA was just a side benefit, we've been 3 years w/o a contract and the codeshare/scope/affiliate language would be pretty important in a merger, don't you think?

apparently our new TA leverage is gone. so what. because if it is gone, so is the threat of an arbitrator merging our lists and us ending up like Usair/AWA or AAL/TWA.

it has nothing to do with the F9 pilots personally and everything to do with protecting the career expectations of our junior guys. nothing more or less.

the deal fails. our junior guys have the same expectations they had before. if it had gone through with any type of ratio or feather, then our junior guys were much worse off.

F9 didn't like our terms and we didn't like theirs. it is just business. move along, nothing to see here.