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New FBI background checks!!!!

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John Ross Ewing JR
Dec 9, 2001
I just got the AIR INC mag for this month and there was a question in there about the new FBI background checks that are now required for pilots.

Does anybody know anything about this new process.

I have a traffic ticket from ten years ago and was wondering if that would show up. My NDR is clean but who knows what the FBI has everyone nowadays.

I don't think a traffic ticket 10 years ago should have a big impact.

The only thing I noticed new, is getting fingerprinted through my company before I could get my DEN airport badge. That was 2 months ago.

FBI Checks

These are the checks that are going to be involved with your original application. If you lied on your application, they probably terminate you, and then arrest you. They've been doing it to airport workers all around the country.

My AME said they're going to be looking into pilots taking anti-depressants. He just went to a DEA meeting. If your prescribed them and don't report them then you are considered under the influence. They said within 6 months it will be in effect. They won't test for it, but they are going to do DEA prescription backgrounds with pilots.

What are we getting ourselves into????

I think it should've been done years ago! That's my opinion....
To my understanding all (meaning Part 121 & 135 - those with aircraft 12,500 lbs and up with graduated requirements)commercial operators will be required to do criminal background records checks that will involve fingerprints. This comes under 49 CFR Part 1500 - 1550 - in particular Parts 1540 & 1544. This is the charge of the new Transportation Security Administration. These parts will replace 14 CFR Part 107 & 108 concerning airport and commercial aircraft security.
Finger Prints

Big deal, wait till they put in a room after the back ground checks with a very large brown claspe envlope and tell you fill in every blank, then they come back in and you think you did some thing wrong and they ask questions about #$%^%&*()_+ , then the agent in charge gets up and asks , what do you think about comming to work for us. man i was shocked that they came out one night to where i use to work so they could recruite people.:eek:

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