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New England area jobs

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Need a bit more info to be helpful.
Like what are your qual's? Are you current? Does NE include NY/NJ/CT? Are you looking for a PIC or SIC position?
Just like a computer, garbage in, garbage out.
Looking for either sic or pic position. Will fly pistion acft if there is upward movement into turbine equipment, but not singles.

1500 TT / 800 multi / 600 turbine. 135 current.

just looking for ideas at this point. Thank you. Anywhere in NY and new england area, preferably in a city BOS, NYC area, PVD, etc.
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the market for pilots in NY/ NJ is MUCH better than BOS/PVD. Key Air in OXC is looking for a Hawker FO, and there are several companies (135) looking in ISP. My company (JetSet Express) is looking, but it's a crappy job: pay for 1/2 your initial training, training bond for the remainder, old airplane, pay is strictly per diem, and I'm only working a couple of days a month, and very little support from the home office. I've been looking around the BOS/PVD area for 2 years and haven't found much, obviously. Great place to live if you like to drive to work.....a long drive to work.

I just keep saying "I love my house, I love my house, I love my house"

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