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New EFBs

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May 12, 2002
We are looking to replace our EFBs. Does anyone have any suggestions based on experience with your current EFB. The ones we have now require a stylus which is a royal pain in the a$$. Touchscreen only, will not be hard wired to the a/c eletrical system or avionics. We use it solely to run Jepp's FlightDeck and store a few documents.
We use a Dell XT. While I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy (this computer sucks), it DOES have multi-touch and no stylus is necessary.

Given that you're looking for a portable solution, I'd probably go with a Fujitsu, or maybe the new ASUS tablet netbook.
Why not just get one of the chart readers if it not going to be tied into any kind of system... Jepp is marketing one that is much cheaper than any of the EFB solutions.

The ASUS T91 tablet netbook is in the $550 range. Add a portable DVD drive and a carrying case and you're out no more than $700 for a Windows-based Class 1 device which can easily run FlightDeck, JeppView, and other flight planning software...and less than half the cost of the FX10 Jepp chart reader.
I really like the Roper Duros:
Its kind of bulky (which I actually like) but may not fit in certain airplanes depending on how you want to stow/mount the unit.

Personally I would avoid ANY efb that has a rotating screen to change from a laptop to a 'tablet'... Maybe I am just rough on stuff but those things never seem to hold up well after a year of abuse.

...On a side note does anyone know if the KINDLE is accepting Jepp Charts yet? That will be nice... clear, small and somwhat affordableish-not-really.
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Anyone have any experience with the Archos 9 tablet PC?
Be careful using the class 1 EFB's,Class 1 - Standard commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment such as laptops or handheld electronic devices. These devices are used as loose equipment and are typically stowed during critical phases of flight, Take off and Landing
Be careful? Kind of vague there buddy?

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